Choosing Outdoor Fireplaces in Suffolk County NY: Is Brick, Stone or Concrete Right for Your Home?

Construction and Maintenance

Outdoor fireplaces have become popular additions to homes all over Suffolk County. Not only do they provide great ambiance, but they let you enjoy your outdoor area well into the cooler months. If you’re thinking about building an outdoor fireplace, you’ll have to choose a style that’s fits your needs and your budget. Here are a few popular types of outdoor Fireplaces in Suffolk County NY and the pros and cons of each.

Brick Fireplaces

Brick fireplaces bring a handsome, timeless charm to any outdoor area. If you have brick siding on your home, adding an outdoor fireplace made of the same type and color brick will really enhance the architectural “wow factor” of your home. Fire brick is available in a range of natural-looking hues like black, cream, tan and red, and different colors can be used in one fireplace to create a unique focal point in your backyard.


*   Stands up to heat amazingly well

*   Durable and long-lasting

*   Handsome, classic look


*   Difficult installation

*   Can be expensive

*   Grout may need repaired over time

Stone Fireplaces

If you have natural design elements in your backyard like walkways, flower gardens or water features, the rustic charm of a stone fireplace will compliment your space beautifully. Depending on your budget, you’ll have to choose between natural or engineered stone. After that, you’ll need to choose the right veneer: Limestone, slate and cobblestone are all popular choices. If you’re having trouble deciding, choose the stone that most closely matches any stonework on your house or decorative stone elements in your yard.


*   Great focal point

*   Strong and durable

*   Environmentally friendly


*   Expensive

*   Can be discolored by soot over time

*   Time-consuming installation process

Concrete Fireplaces

If you want a look that’s more modern than traditional, concrete fireplaces are for you. Sleek and smooth, concrete blends well with edgy or minimalist architectural styles. As far as color goes, the concrete can be left it’s natural color or pigments can be added to the cement mix to create subtle hues. For bolder color, paint or stain can be applied to the finished product.


*   Easy to clean and maintain

*   Less expensive than brick or stone

*   Many color options


*   Wood burning isn’t usually an option

*   Can crack from extreme temperature fluctuations

Carefully consider your tastes, budget and lifestyle before you choose an outdoor fireplace. For even more design ideas, visit Libardi Island Landscaping.