American Eclipse Viewing with the Right Protection


Throughout history, humans have been awed by the beauty and mystery of. However, solar eclipses are capable of damaging the human eye. What if, though, you could view eclipses without sacrificing your vision?

Introducing Glasses to View an American Eclipse
These glasses can improve any trip to the planetarium or science center and also improve the experience of viewing lunar or solar eclipses. Safety is key when viewing a solar eclipse and there is a product that can help everyone who wishes to participate in watching this event, to do so safely and without harm.

2017 Eclipse
An awesome solar eclipse will hit the U.S. on August 21, 2017. There’s no doubt that many people will want to view this solar event. For this event, protective glasses used to view this American Eclipse will greatly help viewers to protect their eyes during the event.

Solar Eclipses
This type of eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the earth and sun. During this passing, the moon totally, or partially blocks, out the sun. A solar eclipse can last for two hours. The actual solar eclipse event lasts for approximately 7.5 minutes. Looking directly at a solar eclipse can cause eye damage, including retinal damage and total blindness. A pair of specially designed glasses to view an American Eclipse can provide the protection you need. Total solar eclipses are rare, with partial solar eclipses occurring more often than total eclipses.

Lunar Eclipses
A lunar eclipse takes place when the shadow of the earth blocks the light of the sun. This light then reflects off of the moon. Three types of lunar eclipses exist: total, partial, and penumbral. A lunar eclipse only occurs when a moon is in the full moon state.

Go Watch an Eclipse!
Eclipses are beautiful and visually awesome experiences. You will definitely remember the event. However, ensure that your eyes are safe from start to finish. You can use special eclipse glasses to view an American Eclipse in a safe fashion while you enjoy the wonder of the sight.