Punched Metal Sheets Make Excellent Fencing


Do you need fencing for your commercial or industrial property? There are many different designs, styles, and materials in which to choose. When you go with metal you will realize a number of important benefits and by choosing punched metal sheets (perforated panels) you receive several more benefits. Here are some of the good things perforated metal fencing can do for you.

Why Choose Perforated Panels?

Perforated panels can give you an attractive design and also increase visibility. You can choose aluminum, steel, and many other kinds of metal fencing, and they provide a clean and professional appearance. In addition, you enjoy a considerable amount of privacy. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Easy to Work With

Suppose you would like to have aluminum fencing for your company. Cost is an important factor and since aluminum is not difficult to form or perforate, labor costs are kept down and this helps to lower your fabrication costs.

Finished Surfaces

Shiny metal makes for attractive fencing but you also can choose from a wide range of colors if you like. Aluminum punched metal sheets can easily be painted or finished to give you a custom and personal look to your property. In addition, if you wish to save on costs, you can choose steel fencing and it can either be painted or zinc plated. Zinc plating is a great way to increase the corrosion resistance of steel because zinc acts as a “sacrificial anode” providing exceptional corrosion and rust protection.

Simple Installation

Metal fencing is not too difficult to install. In fact, once the punched metal sheets have been fabricated it will not take very long to install your new fencing. This helps you save on labor costs.

Custom Perforations

Metal can be perforated or punched in a number of ways. It’s possible to create all kinds of patterns and designs if you like. This can give you “one of a kind” metal fencing which can make your commercial property distinctive and unique, and it will stay in the minds of visitors and customers.


How long will punched metal sheets last, once they have been properly fabricated and installed? It could be many years before you even think about maintenance. For example, aluminum or stainless steel will not rust or corrode so there is no need for resurfacing or painting. Insects cannot attack your metal fencing and years of moisture accumulation will not rot or weaken the structure. Fences like these are very durable and long lasting once properly installed.