Getting In Place For The Total Solar Eclipse 2024

eclipse Eclipses

There are several different types of solar eclipses that occur at regular intervals or as a unique occurrence around the world. The total solar eclipse is one of the most dramatic, with the total disappearance of the sun. This event has long fascinated the human race, with ancient myths and superstitions about the event dating back to the earliest civilizations.

In the past, a total solar eclipse has been associated with a mystical god or creature eating the sun. It is also linked with the anger of the specific gods, and a threat of those gods to plunge the world into destruction and disaster if the people did not change their ways.

Today, the reasons for the solar eclipse are understood through science. However, it is still a very special event for people, which is why the total solar eclipse of 2024 event is so anticipated.

The Path

The total solar eclipse of 2024 is also being called the Great American Eclipse of 2024. The date of the eclipse is April 8, 2024, and the total eclipse will pass over the USA from Texas through to Maine and then into Eastern Canada. The point of greatest eclipse and greatest duration of the eclipse will be in Mexico, but along the central path, weather permitting, you will be able to see the total phase.

For several hundreds of miles on either side of the central path, the total solar eclipse of 2024 will also be visible as an extremely short minute of total obstruction of the sun. Try to get as close as the center path as possible to enjoy the longest phase of a total eclipse.

Look for an unobstructed location to view the sky, away from trees and buildings. In addition, be sure to have safety approved eclipse glasses if you are looking at the sun or towards the sun at any time during the event.