All about Sports Injuries

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There are two types of sports injuries;

  • Chronic

  • Acute sports injury

People develop injuries when they wear the wrong gear, when they are not in good condition, fail to train well before the sport and when they do not stretch or warm up before the sport.

Acute injuries

They occur almost suddenly when exercising or playing. Some acute injuries include fractured hands, sprained ankles, and strained backs. Their signs include;

  • Inability to move a joint normally

  • Sudden and severe pain

  • Weakness in the leg or the arms

  • Swelling in the injured area

  • A dislocated joint or bone

  • Tender hand, wrist, foot, finger, elbow or injured area

  • Inability to place weight on the injured area.

Chronic injuries

Unlike acute injuries, chronic pains occur after playing or exercising for a long time. The signs of the injuries include;

  • Swelling

  • Pain when you exercise or play

  • Dull ache when you rest

When you feel any kind of persistent or severe pain when playing or excising, take a break and look for help. If you continue playing or exercising, you might make the injury more serious. Call the doctor for sports medicine in Hinsdale if;

  1. A joint does not feel stable or normal

  2. You begin to feel pain where you had an old injury

  3. You feel severe pain, numbness, or swelling in the injured area

Before you get to the doctor, reduce activities so you can rest. Look for ice and pack it in a bag, cloth or towel then place it on the injured area and elevate the injured area using a pillow to reduce the swelling. There are alternatives to treating sports injuries apart from using surgery. If you need sports medicine in Hinsdale, The Sports Medicine and Regenerative Therapeutics Institute uses unique and effective techniques to treat sports injuries.