Faster Care For Patients in South Carolina Using a Portable Ultrasound

Medical Supplies

An ultrasound is often used to make a diagnosis that other tests are unable to detect. Here are the benefits of a portable machine whether it’s used in a hospital or doctor’s office.

Most of the time, a portable ultrasound machine is an accurate way to diagnose a health issue. A doctor or technician can see what’s going on in the area of the body that is impacted in only a few moments. This means that the treatment that is needed can begin faster than if you were waiting for MRI results or other test results to come back from a lab.

More Patients
When a portable ultrasound machine is available, it often allows nurses and doctors to see more patients in the facility who need diagnostic testing instead of making another appointment or asking that they go to a different room in the building. Since a portable machine is usually less expensive than a larger one, hospitals and offices can sometimes purchase more than one, which would also allow for more patients to be examined during the day.

Emergency Situations
When someone is seriously ill or injured, there sometimes isn’t enough time to get the patient to another area of the building for an ultrasound or other tests. A portable machine allows doctors and nurses to bring the test to the patient so that a diagnosis can be made as soon as possible in an emergency. Once the scan is complete, the patient can be treated in a shorter amount of time, possibly meaning the difference between life and death.

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