10298847_l-150x150Air conditioning repair is about more than just checking for Freon leaks, it is about making sure the overall unit is in proper working order so it will not freeze up. When an air conditioning unit freezes up, it can cause a lot of damage. Such damage includes leaks that can result in an unwanted drip from air conditioning vents inside your home. This can be puzzling, as well as irritating when there is seemingly no reason for a leak to occur. Where did the leak come from and how can you stop it? When a leak is dripping from an air conditioning vent, residents in Florida need to call for services such as AC repair in St. Petersburg.

What Does It Mean When an Air Conditioner Freezes?

When an HVAC unit freezes up, it actually means that the evaporator coil in the condenser unit is frozen. The evaporator coil is the part of the unit that transfers heat inside the home, outside, causing the heat to evaporate. There are two reasons an evaporator coil might freeze; the lack of refrigerant, and a restricted flow of air. What happens instead causes the system to freeze since it cannot dissipate heat, and it overcools. Water condensation that has frozen due to the flow of cool air essentially turns your normal ac unit into an icebox that leaks.

Do Not Panic, Call the Professionals

Home owners that are experiencing a frozen AC unit need to call a professional AC repair company. It is always wise to ask them what you can do before they get there to service a unit. It is a great idea to move any furniture or drapery that may be in the way. In some cases, you may be informed that turning your AC unit off is a good idea. Regardless, it is important for the longevity of your AC unit that you seek AC repair services as soon as possible. The specialists are going to be able to inspect the unit and make sure there are no exterior leaks or damage. Once your system has been examined, a professional technician is going to be able to advise you concerning repairs, help you understand why your system froze, and help you keep from suffering from an AC unit freeze again.

Palm Harbor Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing services for AC repair in St. Petersburg, FL, for many years. If you are suffering from AC loss, call the professionals to have your unit inspected and repaired today.