Where to Find Teeth Whitening Services in Birmingham, AL


The hardest part of caring for a set of teeth is keeping them nice and white. Several of the foods and drinks we ingest can cause stains as they pass over our teeth. People who use tobacco products have an even greater problem since these products wear down enamel and cause additional staining. A change in diet and tobacco usage can help prevent stains, but most people find these tasks too challenging. In either case, dentists across the nation stand behind the benefits of teeth whitening. A search of Teeth Whitening in Birmingham will reveal numerous dental facilities across Alabama that can put a sparkle back in a smile.

Over the past few decades, cosmetic dental procedures have become easier, quicker, and safer to perform. Teeth whitening used to entail a heated bleaching pad being physically held on areas of teeth for a lengthy period of time. Now a dentist uses UV lights and bleaching agents to successfully whiten a smile in less than an hour. At a dental office like Anglin and Nelson, patients ranging from children to the elderly can receive a professional whitening service that is catered specifically to their degree of staining. If this procedure isn’t absolutely necessary, the doctors will provide whitening strips for use at home. Depending on the severity of the stains, these different forms of Teeth Whitening in Birmingham can make a set of teeth several shades lighter in color.

Teeth Whitening is not the only service that the dentists at Anglin and Nelson offer. On top of cosmetic services like porcelain crowns, veneers and bonding, the office provides general dental care to help maintain the health of their patients’ smiles. Regularly scheduled cleanings and x-rays help prevent decay and identify any potential problems. If damage is found, extractions, filings, and sealants are available to combat the issues. The staff wants to make sure that each patient is treated properly, dedicating time to learn about them personally and their dental history.

If an accident occurs and a smile is damaged, the office offers emergency dental service. Anyone in pain won’t have to wait for a scheduled appointment, they are seen as soon as possible. There is no need to worry about being turned away, the doctors want to help in any way they can, even if they have never met someone before. Visit Anglinandnelsondental.com to learn more about the doctors and how to schedule an appointment.