Examples of Conditions Helped by Maxillofacial Surgery in Effingham, IL


The structures of the mouth, jaw, and face are so complex that those who perform surgery on them have their own specialty: oral and maxillofacial surgery. The maxillofacial aspect refers to the jaws and face, while oral surgery involves the non-jaw structures of the mouth itself. Since these parts of the head work together, doctors study them all in order to get certification in this specialty.

Maxillofacial surgery in Effingham, IL is often needed to correct damage from defects or injuries. A good surgeon can fix the problems caused by congenital defects and restore both good appearance and proper function. Cleft palate surgery is just one example of this type of restoration. Other congenital diseases can also be helped. The number of operations needed to produce peak results depends on the problem. Some, like cleft palate, can be repaired in just one round.

Damage to the face caused by accidents or violence can also require surgery to correct. Broken facial bones often need to be set in place with implanted hardware so that they can properly heal. Some bones can even be replaced by artificial substitutes to restore appearance and functionality. The jaw bone can often be replaced in this way, and those who suffer auto accidents and similarly-damaging mishaps are sometimes candidates for this reconstruction.

With these types of surgery, restoring functionality and appearance aren’t the only goals of an operation. Pain reduction is another big benefit of having such repairs done. Quality of life can therefore improve in three ways by having needed surgery performed.

Cancer is always a scary disease, and this is especially true when it affects the face or jaw. To ensure the best possible cosmetic result as well as the elimination of the tumor, you should definitely take the time to find the best specialist in maxillofacial surgery in Effingham, IL. Tissue-sparing techniques can sometimes make it so that small lesions can be removed in such a way that it’s almost impossible to tell that surgery was performed. When this is not possible, the surgeon needs to be able to perform reconstructive surgery that will restore an acceptable appearance.

These are just some of the types of operations that fall under the umbrella of maxillofacial surgery. Browse Site to find out about these and other common surgical procedures for the face and jaw.

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