Adding Special Touches To A Funeral Through Veteran Services in Woodland, CA, Pictures and Special Momentoes


Losing a loved one is always difficult; the words left unsaid, the plans left up in the air. Therefore, a final service to say goodbye is essential for most people as a final piece of closure. While most Funerals directors can lead you in planning a funeral, it always helps when the family comes together to plan a meaningful and personalized memorial and tribute to the loved one.


One way to personalize a memorial service is to recognize the deceased’s service in the military. Veteran services in Woodland, CA are available from most funeral homes just for the asking. Some funeral homes will offer specialized merchandise, assistance ordering VA flags, filing claims and notifications. You may choose to include a bugler to play “Taps” at the graveside or a gun salute in many Veteran services in Woodland, CA.


At both the visitation and the funeral itself, it’s a great personal touch to include cork boards with pictures of the loved one for everyone to see. Another favorite touch to add to the service is a slide show during one of the songs projected on a screen for all to see.


Many funeral homes offer a video service whereby the loved ones provide a certain number of photos and a song to set them to. The video will play continuously during the visitation service. This is also a project a loved one can take on themselves, providing the DVD to the funeral home, who will in turn typically provide a television and DVD player for the family’s use.


No memorial service is complete without food! An after funeral gathering is a great way for the loved ones to gather and reminisce about the loved one. Providing favorite foods of the one you held dear is a wonderful way of honoring them and paying tribute to their likes. Another idea is to take several of their own recipes and fix them for the gathering. Then, provide copies of the recipes for mourners to take home with them.

Make your final farewell remembering by adding special touches to the service. This allows those who may not have known the deceased well to feel after the service like they really did know them through the message of the service.