Add IP Time Clocks to Increase Protection

Solar Traffic Products

If you’ve had recent accidents at your town’s crosswalks, you are looking for ways to improve safety by making these crosswalks more effective. Of course, ensuring the beacons are working properly is the first course of action. However, it is also a good idea to consider adding an IP time clock to the beacons, as well.

An IP time clock allows you to pre-program the beacon lights to go on and off at specified times. This technology is most widely used at school crosswalks, where the lights flash only during the hour before school each morning and the hour after the school has finished for the day when children are most likely to be crossing the street.

Adding an IP time clock to any pedestrian crossing helps prevent motorists who travel through the area regularly from becoming desensitized to the lights. By only having the lights flash during peak pedestrian time, you help ensure that motorists truly pay attention. The process is simple: you set the beacons to come on at a certain time and to stay on for a specified number of minutes. Once the clock is set, it requires no further intervention unless the times need to change. When you do need to make changes, there is software available to allow you to do so from your computer.

Because IP time clocks are sold separately from the pedestrian beacons, you can add these to beacons already in use. This provides you with exactly the help you need when you determine that your crosswalks are simply not as safe as you desire.

Talk with your vendor about procuring IP time clocks for your crosswalks. You can add these to every crosswalk that has peak traffic times, allowing you to fully customize when the beacons flash. This is a simple product that can be used almost anywhere to increase the safety of a crosswalk.