Why Tyvek Hooded Coveralls Are Essential


While not every industry requires PPE, many of them do, and it is essential that you provide it for your employees. Some company owners believe that people should supply their own, complete with their names. However, what happens when they get threadbare or rip and the user doesn’t want to buy more, so they continue to use them unsafely? Providing employees with Tyvek hooded coveralls means that they always have the protection they require. Even if they don’t need the hood, it doesn’t have to be worn if it’s not necessary for the task.

Disposable Or Not

Most people associate the brand with disposable suits and protective gear, but you can also find others, as well. Some of them may even be flame-resistant. While many companies prefer disposable versions because they are worn once and thrown away, some would rather have other choices that are longer-lasting. Both can be found through companies that sell them so that you can make the decision based on the employee’s needs.


The Tyvek brand is manufactured by DuPont, one of the top companies in the world. They use the strongest materials, making them hard to tear, though they can be cut with a knife or scissors if necessary.


This material is designed to be used in any environment, even ones that deal with water and other chemicals. However, the material is also breathable so that employees feel comfortable wearing them for extended periods and won’t get overheated.

Good For The Environment

While throwing things away is never considered a green option, these hooded coveralls can be recycled. Having a special place to put them can be beneficial, as they can all be gathered and recycled at once.

Tyvek hooded coveralls keep the head and body safe for any task. Visit MPE at https://disposable-garments.com/ today to learn more.