A Surprisingly Easy Way to Get Out of Jail: Bail Bonds in Freestone County, Texas

bail bond

Competitive local bond agents boast 24/7 bail bonds in Freestone County, Texas. How does one get a bail bond? How much does a bail bond cost? How does one cover the cost? The answers to these common questions are refreshingly simple.

When There are No Funds to Bail Someone Out

The court imposes bail as it sees fit, taking a variety of factors into account: prior convictions, severity of the crime, flight risk, etc. Bail can be as little as $500, or as much as $5,000. Unfortunately, not everyone has that kind of money readily available.

Fortunately, a bail bond in the state of Texas costs about 10 percent of the entire bail amount. This 10 percent serves as the bond agent’s nonrefundable fee. The agent then presents the bond to the court on the defendant’s behalf, assuring the court that the agent intends to cover the full bail amount if the defendant doesn’t appear for trial proceedings.

Ways to Pay for a Bail Bond

There are seasoned, professional, flexible bond agencies that offer a plethora of ways to cover bail bond cost or make the cost easier to cover. For example, discounted rates are available for individuals who pay the full bail bond amount in cash.

There are also payment plans worth considering, as well as the option of paying via check or credit card. Third parties may also be able to pay with a check or credit card on the defendant’s behalf.

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