Restoring San Antonio Resident’s Confidence With Dental Implants


When a person loses their teeth, their quality of life is diminished. Without healthy teeth, it is impossible to eat nutritious foods. People rely on their teeth to help them speak appropriately. Most people don’t realize how important their teeth are in their ability to talk until something happens and they lose some of their front teeth.

Having teeth that look and feel healthy boosts a person’s self-esteem. Dental implants have been helping people restore the teeth they have lost. Some people just need to replace one or two teeth, and individual implants can do this. Others may need to replace all of the teeth in their mouth. This is where All On 4 in San Antonio can be beneficial.

When a patient gets All On 4 in San Antonio, they get a full mouth dental implant restoration. It is one full arch of teeth that are supported by four dental implants.

Dental implants are small titanium screws that are set inside the jaw bone. They replace the root of a missing tooth. Inserting dental implants requires minor surgery. Titanium is a unique metal. It has the ability to fuse with human bone. With time, the titanium implant becomes virtually indistinguishable from the bone that it has fused with. Once the implant has been installed, a crown is put over the implant that looks, feels, and works like a person’s natural teeth.

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