5 Things You Need to Talk About With Your house renovation contractor in Charlotte NC

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It’s important that you and your house renovation contractor Charlotte NC talk about the project before you get started with anything. Here are a few tips on what you need to cover in your discussions.


Make up a list of questions. That’s efficient and makes it easier for you and the contractor to address a number of potential issues. Do this before you give the project the green light. That way, you can prevent a ton of problems that could spring from miscommunication or misunderstandings.

Make Decisions

You’ll need to come to several decisions throughout the project. Knowing when to make these decisions will be essential to keeping you and your contractor on track of the project schedule. Talk to your contractor about this. Sometimes, it’s about deciding on the materials, sometimes it’ll be about the layout, design, and more.


There’ll be hiccups. There’ll be changes to the project. Sometimes, things will come up and you’ll need to adjust or modify your plans. Whether it’s about the materials being discontinued or maybe you end up not liking the work after you’ve seen it, it’s important that you and your contractor can talk about these things. You’ll want a contractor who can handle those changes with ease. However, that doesn’t mean you should keep changing your mind, because that’ll keep delaying the work.


You and your contractor should also cover possible concerns. For instance, if you want to take down a wall but your contractor finds that impossible, what other actions can be taken? By going over this in advance, your contractor can move ahead without any worries.


Do you live at the home that will undergo renovation? Then you’ll need to set rules with your contractor on what time they can come and go, which entrance and exit points they’ll use, and if they’ll work on weekends or not.

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