Find Out More About How Missouri Lemon Laws Protect Consumers From Fraud


If your car, boat, motorcycle, truck, SUV or other vehicle always seems to be breaking down even if the vehicle isn’t that old, your state laws may consider the defective vehicle a lemon. This term refers to problematic transportation vehicles that are in the shop for repairs for 30 days or more, continue to have issues despite frequent repairs or otherwise fall under the description of Lemon Laws. Find out more about how Missouri Lemon Laws protect consumers from fraud.

Many Vehicle Owners Try to Pass Off Their Defective Vehicles

It is common for unscrupulous car owners and used car dealers to try and pass off their known to be defective vehicles to unsuspecting prospective used car buyers. Once the sale is final, the new used car owner may find that the vehicle does have a lot of mechanical problems or other issues requiring frequent trips to an automotive repair shop. This is against the law in Missouri.

Talk to an Experienced Lemon Law Attorney for Legal Help

While Missouri and other states do have Lemon Laws, the process that needs to be precisely followed in order for the new owner to collect compensation from the original owner or dealer can be challenging and complex for most ordinary people. It is important to speak with a local Missouri attorney familiar with Lemon Laws to assess the merits of your special case.

Where to Turn for Lemon Law Legal Assistance

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