40 Impressive Kitchen Renovation Ideas And Designs to Try This Season

Kitchen Remodeling

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, the possibilities are truly endless. From bright colors to loud and unique accents, there are many options to choose from that can take your kitchen from drab to fab.

Read on for 40 impressive ways to update your kitchen this holiday season.

Top 40 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Designs

  1. Add Large, Bold Accents
  2. Add Greenery, Such as Artificial or Authentic Plants
  3. Go For Bold Patterns
  4. Cause Unsightly Quirks in Your Kitchen to Stand Out as the Center of Attention for a Unique Look
  5. Use Cloth Cabinet Doors Instead of Traditional Ones
  6. Paint Your Cabinets a Unique Color
  7. Play Up Exposed Brick Walls or Unfinished Wood
  8. Remove Cabinets and Replace Them With Shelves
  9. Choose Creative Tile Patterns
  10. Use Outdoor Environment to Inspire Your Kitchen Theme
  11. Paint Your Cabinets with Shiny Sleek Lacquer
  12. Add a Pop of Gold
  13. Add a Rug For a Warm, Cozy Look and Feel
  14. Use Metal Grates on Your Cabinets
  15. Pick a Wall to Paint a Bold Color
  16. Use Culture to Inspire Your Kitchen Theme
  17. Make Your Entire Kitchen White
  18. Install Unique Lighting
  19. Use Old Items to Your Advantage by Repurposing Them in Your Kitchen
  20. Hang Plants
  21. Add a Unique Kitchen Island
  22. Swap Out Flooring for Bold Designs and Patterns
  23. Go For Two Different Color Tones for a Unique Look
  24. Remove the Kitchen Island for More Space
  25. Paint the Ceiling with a Pop of Color or Bold Patten
  26. Put Glassware on Display
  27. Choose Vintage Themes and Colors
  28. Paint and Decorate Using Many Shades of the Same Color for Depth
  29. Go for Unique and Alternative Seating
  30. Add or Play Up Existing Wooden Beams in Ceiling
  31. Paint Hardwood Floors to Add Color
  32. Draw Attention Upwards to Make the Kitchen Seem Larger and Taller
  33. Decorate With Wooden Accents
  34. Play Up Your Kitchen With Bold or Subtle Striping
  35. Consider Glass for Cabinet Doors
  36. Try Tall, Narrow, Vertical Cabinetry
  37. Add Chrome Components
  38. Add a Chalkboard
  39. Pick Two Textures for a Unique Contrast
  40. Add Windows for Natural Lighting

Ready For Change?

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