4 Ways to Strengthen Supply Chain Collaboration

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Depending on your specific role, suppliers might be your best friends. Supply chains can be either streamlined or stagnant based on relationships with vendors. When communication is lacking, wrong parts are shipped, deadlines are missed and shortages can result. Everyone is more stressed. Communication is truly key. Here are four tips for strengthening supply chain collaboration so everyone benefits.

Determine Clear Reporting Expectations and Communications

There should be a clear plan for communicating with suppliers from the beginning. This ensures fewer shortages, on-time deliveries, less rushed shipments and fewer headaches overall.

Know Your Products

When you are working with leaders and practitioners, it’s important to know everything possible about your products. When you know the details of what needs to be discussed, everyone benefits.

Respect Their Time

Even though you are sure everyone loves you, it doesn’t mean they are ready to hear from you 20 or 30 times a day. Once supply chain collaboration is organized and concise, communication becomes quicker and easier. Suppliers have numerous customers, which means they get lots of calls and emails every day. Be efficient with communication. Be respectful and courteous.

Work Quickly, But Not Hurried

Suppliers and vendors work in a fast-paced environment. Going too fast can end up with negative results. When you are rushed, there will be more incorrect orders or missed details. Try to move quickly without rushing it.