Protect the Key to Your Safe in Floral Park, NY


People have used the simple safe to protect valuables for generations. The weight, size, and thickness of a good safe ensure that no one gains access to the contents. Unfortunately, sometimes, the owners also cannot access the contents because they lose their keys. Every time keys go missing it puts at risk what was meant to stay protected. Use the following tips to avoid the fear of lost keys.

Use Combination Safes

People that have an easy time remembering a number combination may want to forgo a keyed safe. Locks for a money or gun Safe in Floral Park NY can have either a mechanical dial combination lock or an electronic lock. People should use what they feel comfortable operating, particularly when it is something like a gun safe that could require fast access. Lock companies can help to reprogram a combination for secondhand buys, during a sale, or if a combination becomes lost.

Buy a Transmitter

Bluetooth key finders allow people to place a transmitter on their key chain and use Bluetooth technology to track down the keys if they disappear. The transmitter could also help to locate a thief if the keys are not simply misplaced. Contact law enforcement with the information rather than retrieving the keys alone.

Hide a Spare

Many people prefer to keep the key for their Safe in Floral Park NY on their keychain so it always easy to find. That works wonderfully until they lose the keychain. To avoid the need to rekey the safe, hide a spare key in the home where it is memorable for the hider but unusual enough that other people will not stumble across the hidden item.

Post a Reminder

Keep a notebook or use the notes on a smartphone to record important but often forgotten information. The list could include certain passwords, account numbers, and the location of hidden items. Use some type of code for the list that is personally easy to remember but does not give away secrets.

A safe is a great way to have the peace of mind of knowing all valuables remain safe even when away from home. Many designs and sizes exist, and there are many ways to ensure they remain secure. To learn more, or to get help with a safe that will not open, visit Able Lock Shop. You can also follow them on Twitter.