3 Types of Residential and Commercial Concrete Services in Chicago, IL

Construction and Maintenance

Concrete is a common material that is used for residential and commercial applications, from driveways and patios to sidewalks and picnic areas. Here are three types of concrete services for homes and businesses in Chicago.

Pouring Pads
Pouring concrete pads is the most recognized concrete service for Chicago, IL, homes and businesses. The job involves helping owners select a good location for the pad, preparing the ground, creating footers, and pouring the concrete. When done properly, a concrete pad can last for up to a century, so it is worth entrusting the job to a qualified and experienced company.

Older concrete may crack due to changes in the terrain, damage, erosion, the elements, and other factors. A company that specializes in concrete services in Chicago, IL, makes the repairs to the pad to extend the longevity of the material.

Significant damage to a concrete pad, such as large cracks, shifting, lifting up, or sinking into the ground requires the pad to be replaced. The job involves removing the old concrete, preparing the surface for the material, and pouring a new pad.

Where to Find Concrete Services in Chicago, IL
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