When You Should Call a Workers’ Comp Attorney in Saint Albans, VT.


Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that is carried by your employer for accidents and injuries that happen on the job site. The process is straightforward. If you suffer an injury or illness that is work-related, your human resources department documents the incident and starts coverage under worker’s compensation. In some cases, though, employers resist filing the claims for various reasons, and here are three times when you should call workers’ compensation attorneys in Saint Albans, VT.

Your Employer Questions the Claim

Under workers’ compensation insurance, your human resources department and employer are responsible for taking every notification of a job-related accident or injury seriously. The incident should be well-documented and your employer should clearly explain your rights under workers’ compensation. If your employer fails to follow these steps, you should speak with an attorney.

You are Told That You Must See a Specific Doctor

You have the right to choose the physician that you see after a work-related accident or injury. If you do not have a regular doctor, your employer may make recommendations, but not require you to see a specific doctor. You must be evaluated by a doctor, though, as part of the process for filing a claim under workers’ compensation.

You are Fired for the Job-Related Accident or Injury

Your employer cannot fire you solely for filing a workers’ compensation claim or for any required accommodations that are detailed by the physician to allow you to heal from the accident or injury. If you have been fired for a workers’ compensation incident, speak with an attorney.

Where to Find Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Saint Albans, VT.

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