3 Reasons Why Requests for Cremation Services in Harrison, OH Are on the Rise


Area residents often choose Cremation Services in Harrison OH because it gives them time to make the arrangements they want. That can be especially important when families and friends live far from one another. Families can have the bodies of their relatives cremated and then arrange services at a later date. Even if they decide to have viewings, cremains can be stored for celebration of life services. It is also less expensive to ship ashes than bodies, which can be important when death occurs out of the country.

Cremation Is Earth Friendly

Many environmentally aware clients choose cremation over burial. With cremation there is no need for the caskets or vaults that consume natural resources during their manufacture. Caskets are often made in non “green” countries like China and created using materials like mahogany, that come from endangered rain forests. Cremation Services in Harrison OH also eliminate the need for embalming fluid, a toxic substance that can seep into the earth from a buried body. In addition, many eco-friendly clients spread cremains at sea or in meaningful places so that they do not use any land.

Cremation Makes Dignified Funerals Affordable

Perhaps the most popular reason why clients choose cremation is the cost. A traditional funeral that includes burial often runs between $8,000 and $15,000. Dignified cremations typically cost about $1,000. For that price providers will pick up the body, cremate it and return the ashes to the family. Clients can pay additional fees for options like urns and extra copies of death certificates. Families may also pay for permanent placement options such as inurnment in the earth or niches.

Cremation is now a very popular alternative to traditional burials because it makes funeral planning simpler. It is an affordable option that still allows families to make dignified arrangements. Many families also choose cremation in order to conserve the earth’s resources.