When the time comes to purchase a new car or truck, buyers have lots of different options to choose from. But outside of body style, color, and interior features, it’s important to take a look under the hood and decide which engine option is going to be best. While each person will have different needs and expectations for their new vehicle, there are some real benefits to opting for a Diesel Transmission in Phoenix AZ

Gas Mileage

Everyone wants to know just how much it is going to cost at the pump to fill up their new vehicle. Diesel fuel does tend to be the same or slightly more expensive than gas. However, the vehicles deliver efficient gas mileage that more than makes up for the difference. It may mean paying a little more at the pump, but it also means less trips to the pump.


A Diesel Transmission in Phoenix AZ is built to last. In most cases, that means there’s a good chance that a transmission in a gas powered vehicle is going to run into problems long before a diesel vehicle. Diesels are vehicles that owners are going to be able to count on for the long haul. It also means that these cars and trucks have a tendency to hold their value a little longer, despite registering additional miles.


In the case of a car, drivers of diesels will notice a little extra pick up when it comes time to accelerate from a stop. For some, this is one of the most important selling points. When it comes to a truck, the diesel is going to be great for towing things. While gas powered trucks can do the same, the torque generated by the diesel means it can often tow more for longer amounts of time when compared to other trucks.

It’s important to note that diesel cars and trucks require regular maintenance which, in some cases, can be more expensive than other vehicles. And, if maintenance is overlooked, expect a hefty bill from the technician should something go wrong. But overall, when a diesel is well taken care of, it’s going to offer great gas mileage, it will be long lasting, and delivers the power that drivers are looking for. Get the best transmission services for your diesel engine when you entrust the work to Denny’s Transmission Specialists!