With the increasing interest in submetering of apartment buildings, condos, manufactured home parks and even for industrial facilities and complexes, there is an increase in the number of water meter installation companies in most of the larger cities across the country.

Often, these new arrivals in the market will offer low prices and other types of incentives for landlords, property owners, and commercial facilities managers to choose their service over the competition. While these offers may be tempting, there are some critical factors to consider when selecting water meter installation companies that only come from experience on a wide range of different jobs.

Options in Water Meters

The more experienced water meter management companies typically have a good relationship with the major meter manufacturers. Some meters are better suited for different installation types and locations than others, which is why having a selection is so essential. New companies typically offer fewer meter options, or they may only recommend one particular brand and type of meter for all applications.

Expert Planning and Project Management

Experience is essential for more than just the actual installation. It is also necessary for the meter installation service to be able to plan the project to limit the water system downtime. This may include multiple scheduling, planning, and even inventory delivery stages in large projects. Without this experience projects can be delayed, water can be off for days and tenants will be upset with the upheaval of the installation process.

Experienced Crews

In addition to options in meters and planning and management of the project, the best water meter installation companies have highly trained, professional installation crews.

This is very different than small companies that may have a key group of employees and then bringing in temporary workers to complete water meter installation on large projects. Trained, experienced crews mean that the meters are installed correctly, tested and configured to ensure optimal functioning without any problems.