The Tampa area is a great place to live. Sandy beaches, sunny weather, sports, tourist attractions, the varied nightlife in Your City and many great restaurants – what’s not to love? Traffic. In fact, one particular highway intersection has long been (less than affectionately) called ‘Malfunction Junction’ by many of those who travel it almost every day. Tampa has three types of drivers: the tourists (17 million every year, who may be driving too fast or too slow, but usually don’t know exactly where they’re going), the elderly (who are apt to be driving too slowly) and everyone else (who are impatient with the tourists and the elderly and want to reach their destinations yesterday).

All of the above creates a deadly atmosphere resulting in Tampa having one of the highest rates of fatal car crashes in the nation. Most of those accidents are caused by the drivers. Tourists suddenly veer into another lane to make a sudden exit, an older driver (in the left hand lane) might have a line of traffic piled up behind them until other drivers start to make dangerous passes on the right and the locals are generally upset, many driving far too aggressively. Highway construction is a constant, adding to the frustration. Southerners are generally very polite people, but not always on the road.

All of this means that paying attention to other vehicles around you is the best way to prevent being involved in an accident. However, if the accident happens and you (or your passenger) are physically able to do so, record as much as possible. Get identification information from any witnesses, take pictures of everything and make notes of all the details while they are fresh in your mind. Expenses are an unknown as the full extent of any injuries, lost wages or other costs will not be available for a while.

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