Caring for Your Air Conditioner and Furnace in San Marcos

Air Conditioning

The climate data for San Diego International Airport in San Diego County, California reveals a record low temperature of 25 degrees Fahrenheit in January when average lows are usually around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Although winter temperatures hardly ever fall below freezing, you want to be sure that you have a working Furnace in San Marcos, Carlsbad, Encinitas, and other coastal areas in southern California. A good company to call is Stillman Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. that has been providing excellent HVAC services to the area since 1969. You can Read More about the company by going to their website at

If you have a residential or a commercial Furnace in San Marcos, a good HVAC contractor ought to have a working knowledge of all makes and models so that your heating needs can be taken of quickly and efficiently. Your contractor can deliver repair, installation, maintenance, and replacement of all of your heating equipment. Every job often has a 100 percent guarantee to back up all services that are performed. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing that all work is completed according to exacting standards. This means that your system will run at peak efficiency when you need it.

In addition to furnace repair, a good contractor can offer a full range of air conditioning services. Your air conditioning system as well as your heating system can benefit from a regular preventative maintenance program. This will keep your systems running at peak efficiency while saving you money on utility bills. This works by having a skilled technician come to inspect your HVAC system once or twice a year to insure it is in top working order. The tech can fix small problems before they escalate into large, expensive problems. This will also increase the life span of your equipment which is also expensive to replace. It makes sense to maintain your HVAC equipment so that it will work reliably and safely at optimum performance.

You may also need your contractor to help you with indoor air quality. An air purification system can help your family avoid serious respiratory disease, asthma, and other allergic reactions. You may also want to be sure your contractor uses environmentally sound refrigerants such as Puron that will not deplete the ozone layer. This is a good thing!