You May be Surprised by All of the Services Offered by a Manahawkin Family Dentist


A Manahawkin Family Dentist may offer a wide variety of services for their patients. Some dental offices have several dentists present, and each may specialize in various fields. For instance, if you need a Cosmetic Dentist, you may find that your general dentist has also been trained in some of these procedures.

Dental restoration is a huge field. The goal is to restore function to the teeth in one’s mouth. It is a little different from cosmetic dentistry, which is done mostly to improve the look of one’s smile. Somewhere along the line, these lines can be blurred. The American Dental Association does not recognize either as a separate specialization. However, training certifications are available for dentists who pursue learning and practicing these techniques. To make matters more interesting, some of the procedures are recognized as part of prosthodontic dentistry, which deals with dentures, bridges, crowns, and fillings.

A major concern of dentists and patients is the replacement of any missing teeth that have been lost to decay, gum disease, or accident. A dentist will always recommend the least intensive method needed to save a tooth. A tooth may only need a simple filling, or after a long time of neglect, a root canal may be in order. Sometimes people choose to have a severely decayed tooth removed. Dental implants are recommended in these cases.

It’s not good for your other teeth to be subjected to gaps. The spaces will allow the other teeth to slant, or become misaligned. Plaque loves to grow in the crevices and gaps, so this may cause further issues for the remaining teeth. Patients with missing teeth tend to favor one side of the mouth for chewing. This makes the other teeth work harder; extra wear is the result.

Before any major work is done, a patient needs to consult his or her dental insurance to find out exactly what procedures are covered, and in what amounts. Many cosmetic procedures may not have any coverage, so they will have to be paid for out of pocket. A general rule to follow is that anything medically necessary procedure may be covered (root canal/crown), but purely cosmetic procedures are not (veneers).