Common Questions About Teeth Whitening In Parsippany


If you have stained or discolored teeth, you may be considering getting your teeth whitened. This procedure can be done by your dentist in the dental clinic. It may take a few visits to achieve the level of whitening that you desire, depending on the severity of the discoloration of your teeth. Below you’ll learn more about Teeth Whitening in Parsippany.

Q.) How will the dentist whiten my teeth?

A.) The Cosmetic Dentist will first place a guard on your gums so that the tooth whitening agent doesn’t get on them. Then the dentist will apply the tooth whitening solution to your teeth. To speed up the whitening process, the dentist will shine a laser light on your teeth. You can expect to spend about one hour at the dental office for a tooth whitening treatment.

Q.) How many visits will I have to make to the dentist to get my teeth white?

A.) This all depends on how discolored your teeth are and how white that you want your teeth to be. Usually, it doesn’t take more than three visits to achieve the bright smile that you want. Some patients only have the procedure done one time because they can see a dramatic difference after only one visit.

Q.) Will the stains be gone forever or will I have to keep going back to the dentist to have my teeth whitened?

A.) If you want to maintain the whitest teeth that you can have, it’s recommended that you have your teeth whitened at least once a year. After the whitening procedure is done, you’ll continue to consume foods and drinks that contribute to staining your teeth. Although the staining won’t be as bad as when you first had the procedure done, if you want to continue having extremely white teeth, you’ll have to maintain them. If you’re a smoker or drink a lot of coffee or tea, the stains will come back sooner.

If you’re interested in having whiter teeth, speak to your dentist about the tooth whitening procedures done in his clinic. He can give you more information about the number of visits you need, the results that will be achieved and the cost for the procedure.