Wood Shingles in Denver, CO: A Long-Running Favorite among Roofing Options


Dozens of roofing options are on the market these days. Some are made of time-tested natural materials whereas others are comprised of synthetics. All offer their fair shares of benefits for homeowners, but certain ones outshine the competition by a considerable margin. Wood Shingles in Denver CO offer many of the best aspects available at this point, and they’re a popular choice among today’s property owners.

Aesthetic Appeal

Wood is a highly versatile material especially when compared to some of the other alternatives on the market. Though asphalt shingles are available in a wide range of colors, they still bear the telltale graininess of their kind. Metal also provides a number of benefits; however, it’s a fairly plain option considering the alternatives. Wood, on the other hand, holds a unique quality not found with other materials. It can radiate rustic charm, modern elegance or anything in between.


Studies show asphalt shingles last an average of 20 years with some high-end versions holding out for 50 years or so. Metal can last around 50 years as well. Wood Shingles in Denver CO have an estimated lifespan of half a century or more, which is certainly comparable to other roofing materials. In many cases, its appearance improves with age rather than becoming faded and discolored over time.


As is the case with wood siding and doors, this material offers an exceptional level of energy efficiency. Some reports indicate wooden shingles are more than twice as efficient as asphalt ones despite the many coatings and customization options available with the latter. They provide a natural barrier against the elements and heat transfer, making them one of the most efficient materials available for roofing.

Though plenty of roofing materials are on the market today, most can’t hold a candle to the tried-and-true alternatives. Wooden shingles are among the oldest and most aesthetically pleasing options available. They’re able to withstand hazards under which other materials buckle, and they’ve been proven to be a cost-effective investment for homeowners. Though certain repair and maintenance needs are bound to arise with this type of material, most homeowners insist the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. Visit Aceroofco.com for further details or to schedule a roofing consultation. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!