Winterizing Tips For Your Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Service

Glass & Window Repair

In the winter months, people prepare months beforehand for what the cold weather conditions bring to a home and vehicle. There are winterizing treatments that can help protect major equipment such as the HVAC, Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning, units and then there are things to make sure your hot water heater is working properly. Another important step is to make sure that outside water faucets have been drained and turned off properly in the home. Speaking of outside items, your car needs attention during the winter. Talk to your local Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Service people for tips for what you can do.

For instance, did you know that there is actually a substance that you can spray on the windshield of your cars that can easily be rinsed off with water in the morning and the ice or snow will come right off? Some people resort to throwing water on the windshield and while this does work it will take a lot of water. In some instances people try to cut out the heavy lifting and use warm or lukewarm water and this should never be done because it will lead to cracks in the windshield.

If you do in fact get a crack in your windshield not only will it be uncomfortable and hard to see through on your drive to work on a chilly Monday morning, but it can be extremely dangerous. In the winter months, you will need to see your Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Service specialist immediately. Any type of cracking or holes in the glass can instantly splinter once the cool air outside comes into contact with the warm air you are pumping on the inside.

If you can not get to a repair service place as soon as possible there are simple tricks you can do but this should not at all be construed as a long lasting or permanent fix. Put scotch tape over the crack and not just on the starting point but also for the length of the crack itself. When you do start up the car and the defroster, make sure it is not pointed directly at the break but allow the air to warm up gradually throughout the car.

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