How to Create an Office in Your Apartment or Condo

by | Dec 24, 2013 | Real Estate

If you have recently purchased an apartment for sale in San Francisco area and need to set up an office space it is important to find the best area for comfort and efficiency. You can create an office space in even the smallest apartment or condo using these handy tips.

In apartments and condos sometimes you have to use a little ingenuity to find a place for your desk. However, first you have to think outside the box and consider spaces that might work without a desk. Perhaps you have a larger counter space than you need in the kitchen. Consider removing one or two of your lower cabinets for a chair to slide into neatly. Perhaps you have an extra wide closet or additional storage space you can use. Consider removing the door and building a desk surface. The main thing is to be certain you have access to an electrical outlet or that an outlet can be safely installed to accommodate your computer.

If you aren’t going to have a conventional desk and opted to use counter space or a built in surface look for storage such as shelving with cubby holes to stores paperwork and supplies. Get yourself a calendar for easy reference if you don’t want to have to be trying to find the calendar on your computer. Consider stackable options you can add to if necessary. Add a filing cabinet or a piece of furniture that can accommodate files. You want to have everything at arms reach so your office space does not begin to begin to sprawl out into other areas of your apartment. Make sure you have proper lighting as well so you can see what you are doing even into the wee hours of the morning.

Ergonomically Correct Seating
Home offices are infamous for their lack of comfort as they are often makeshift work areas not conducive to efficiency. If you are a person who will be working from home full time you want to find a chair that is ergonomically correct with back support and that is adjustable so you can accommodate your special work space. Keep in mind most office chairs are on wheels and make sure it will roll in and out with ample space without too much traction.

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