How Will the Pediatric Dentists in Albany NY Treat Your Child’s Cavity?


No parent wants to see their child in pain. When your child has a toothache, caused by a cavity, you want to get them as quick relief as possible. Since the health of your child’s baby teeth directly correlates with the health of their adult teeth, it is imperative prompt dental treatment is sought when a cavity arises. Through the Pediatric Dentists Albany NY, your child’s cavity can be treated, through the gentle and caring staff, who understand how to work with children and make them feel at ease. This will also help you, as a parent, to feel comfortable in knowing your child’s dental care is in good hands.

What Can You Expect When Your Child Needs a Filling?
Cavities can occur at any age, but are more damaging in a child who is still growing. Prompt dental care can stop the progression of a cavity, so it does not cause decay in the surrounding teeth. Through the treatment given by the Pediatric Dentists Albany NY, your child’s tooth can be saved and they can find relief of any pain they are experiencing.

To start the process, your child will most likely be given laughing gas. This allows him or her to relax and can sometimes even make a child feel sleepy. After numbing your child’s tooth, the dentist will remove any decayed and diseased portion of the tooth. This helps to stop the spread of decay. Once removed, the tooth will need to be filled. While there are many different types of fillings, most dentists prefer to use compound fillings on a child’s teeth, especially if it is a baby tooth.

If the cavity has caused major damage to the structure of the tooth, the dentist may make the decision to place a crown. This will protect the tooth and keep it stable until the adult tooth comes through. When the baby tooth naturally falls out, the crown will fall out with it.

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