Dentists in Wichita, KS Provide Convenient and Effective Treatments


People know that it’s important for them to find the best dentists Wichita KS. Regular dental examinations identify dental problems when they are still small and easily treated. Removing plaque and tartar from teeth and gums, prevent many problems from starting. Dentists also identify more oral and throat cancers than any other medical professional. This is particularly important for high-risk patients who use tobacco products or drink heavily. A dental examination is also the perfect time for a patient to ask the doctor about cosmetic dentistry treatments. Many people are embarrassed to smile and talk in public because of their teeth. They can find out how to transform their smile.

However for a patient to be able to have appointments, they require a dental office that has convenient hours. East Wichita Dentist has appointments until 7pm on Monday. During the remainder of the week they start seeing patients at 7am or 8am. This allows many people to be treated without having to take time off from work. Using modern dental technology, these dentists Wichita KS have reduced the time it takes to complete many procedures. Crowns and some veneers can be completed in a single visit. Patients can choose a 90-minute in-office teeth whitening treatment or opt for an at-home teeth whitening kit.

Once a patient has learned to trust the dentists in a particular dentist office, it can be traumatic for them to have to see specialists. Almost all tooth extractions and dental implant procedures can be done at the East Wichita Dentist office. For patients who are nervous about these treatments, oral conscious sedation is provided. Anti-anxiety medication can be provided the night before to help the patient sleep well. The patient then takes another dose about an hour prior to the dental procedure. If this dose is taken at home, the patient must be driven to the office.

The dentists have been trained in methods such as the minimal force method to extract teeth. This ensures that the patient feels no pain and isn’t traumatized by excessive tugging and pressure. The office also uses lasers to treat gum disease instead of surgical methods. This reduces the amount of post-treatment discomfort.