Wicketer Machine Parts for Older Equipment

Parts and Spares

When you are in the plastic bag industry you may have a lot of specialized equipment. If you invested wisely in your equipment you probably bought quality machines designed to last for many years. But what happens when wicketer machine parts are no longer available for those machines? Before you invest a great deal of money in new machinery (which you may not have) there are some other options to explore.

Finding the Right Source

It starts with locating the right supplier for parts you need. You could seek out a parts distributor but there can be several problems with this kind of strategy. Let’s check them out:

  • Cost – a distributor does not make the parts they sell. They are in the business of stocking and reselling things like wicketer machine parts.
  • Availability – distributors only sources for the parts they sell may be the actual manufacturers and this can greatly limit what is available. In fact, once the manufacturers discontinue making parts, you are simply out of luck.
  • Downtime – when you can’t get parts you require, your business may sit idle and this could cost you dearly.


If you need parts for specific bag machines, parts manufacturers are the best source to turn to and here is why:

  • Cost – you are dealing directly with the manufacturer. There is no middleman to raise the price, so you get the best possible deal each and every time.
  • Parts when needed – a manufacturer is more likely to stock the parts you require.
  • Uptime – your business does not have to suffer due to lack of available parts.
  • Reverse engineering – when parts are no longer available your manufacturer can reverse engineer the parts you need. You can order as many spare wicketer machine parts as you like and keep them on hand.