The Primary Benefits Of Residential Substance Abuse Treatment


Residential or inpatient facilities in Minnetonka allow for the provision of more focused services and as such are often more successful than outpatient treatment. To those dealing with substance abuse a full time 24×7 program may be frightening at first but it is this total immersion environment that is necessary to battle addiction. Those that have gone through a residential program have a considerably better chance at overcoming their addiction and staying sober. Although there are numerous benefits to inpatient care, the primary benefits are:

Structure: A structured routine is extremely important as it provides the patient with the opportunity to focus on nothing but recovering and getting healthy. A structured program does not provide the patient with downtime; it is this that allows cravings to grow and stabilizes what can otherwise be “rough patches” during recovery. When the recovering addict has been given strict guidelines and is held accountable for his or her actions they can gradually build up their willpower and will once again be able to stick to commitments they make.

Community: Often, the stigma of addiction holds the addict back from seeking help. Being in an environment where there is no pressure nor are judgments made makes recovery easier. Everyone in the facility is fully aware of the pain and suffering associated with addiction. Fellow patient addicts can share their stories and professional addiction specialists act as compassionate guides on the journey to sobriety.

Focus: When the sufferer is released from the pressures of work and family they can focus exclusively on themselves and their recovery. It is this freedom to focus on one’s self that teaches them how to care about themselves rather than their addiction. In residential facilities in Minnetonka the recovering addict can deal with the past and develop a sober and exciting future.

Those suffering from substance abuse may find that they have a far better chance of successfully overcoming their addiction by opting for treatment in residential facilities in Minnetonka. You are invited to discuss details with the professionals at River Ridge.