Why You Need Auto Insurance in Austin, TX


Driving a vehicle has become a necessary part of most people’s lives. Many jobs and schools are too far away for many to walk. Driving allows a person to expand their options for jobs, school, doctors, and stores. Without a vehicle, people would be isolated from many of these things. Just as a vehicle is important for living a productive life, having Auto Insurance in Austin TX is important for driving. There are many reasons why a person needs this insurance.

It is the law

Texas state law requires that all drivers on the road have a certain limit of liability insurance. This is required by the Texas Financial Responsibility Law. Each driver must maintain liability limits of medical costs in the amount of $30,000 per bodily injury and $60,000 per accident. They must also maintain $25,000 worth of property damage insurance coverage. This ensures that every driver has some coverage if they are in an accident.

Financial protection

Auto Insurance in Austin TX can also protect drivers from serious the financial burdens an accident can cause. If a person is deemed the at-fault driver in an accident, they are responsible for all property damage and injuries that occurred due to the accident. These costs can be quite high and often pose serious financial risks to the at-fault driver. Having insurance coverage for these situations ensures these damages are paid to the injured parties.

Property protection

In addition to the state required insurance limits, a person can add various options to their insurance coverage. Collision insurance can be beneficial when in an accident. Although liability insurance will cover any damages the at-fault driver caused to another party, it does not cover the at-fault driver’s vehicle. Collision insurance can cover the damages to this driver’s vehicle. In addition, comprehensive insurance can cover damage after other incidents, such as vandalism and theft.

Insurance of all types protects a person from the various risks that come with life. An insurance agent, such as Patrick Court, helps clients find the best insurance options to cover these risks and protect clients from the potential problems losses can cause.