The Importance Of Regular Dead Branch Removal In Bronx NY

Tree Services

Trees can be a beautiful addition to an outdoor area, but if they aren’t properly maintained, they can become dangerous and cause damage to property and individuals. One of the most significant issues that most homeowners overlook is the importance of dead branch removal in Bronx NY. In addition to keeping a tree looking beautiful, it also provides the following benefits which can give peace of mind and protect a family’s most significant asset, their home.

Wind Storms

High winds can wreak havoc on a tree, and if any dead branches are present, they can easily break and become projectiles that can damage a home’s windows and roof. Don’t let a dead branch that can easily be removed lead to thousands of dollars of repairs and a homeowner’s insurance claim that can cause premiums to increase, when a professional tree trimming company can quickly eliminate the threat by performing branch removal in Bronx NY and ensure a home is safe.

Snow Accumulation

When most people hear of an impending snowstorm the first hazard they think of is the snow and ice that can form on roads. While they are dangerous, another common safety issue is the accumulation of snow on tree branches. If the branches are dead, then the excess weight of the snow can cause the branch to break off and land on a home and lead to costly repairs and even personal injury.

Improved Tree Health

Dead branches are the perfect place for mold, mildew, and fungus to gather, and if not removed they can act as a pathway to the healthy part of a tree. Removing dead branches alleviates this worry and allows a tree to remain healthy and free of diseases. This can prevent a tree from being at risk of falling in the future and will protect a home and any other structures that may be around it.

Proper tree trimming is an integral part of overall exterior maintenance. The team at Arnoldo’s Tree Service offers pruning, mulching and complete tree extraction for an affordable price. Contact us today and have any trees evaluated and removed, and reduce the risk associated with having large, beautiful trees in a yard.