Why Updating Your Fire Protection System Makes Good Business Sense

Fire and Security

If your building was built after the 1960s, it’s likely that it is equipped with a fire protection system. However, if it’s been years or even decades since your system was installed, you could be putting your employees and building at risk. Fortunately, new automatic fire protection systems are more effective, less likely to activate accidentally, and better for the environment. If you have an older sprinkler system, here are a few reasons why updating your fire protection system makes good business sense.

Reduce Risk of Malfunction

One way that a new automatic fire protection system makes good business sense is that it decreases the risk of malfunction. Over time, the components used to keep the system from engaging can begin to wear out, which puts them at risk of releasing water and fire suppression materials in your business when there’s no fire. If this occurs, it can be expensive and time-consuming to repair, resulting in significant lost business and income. New units are rated to last ten years or more, meaning you’ll have less to worry about as you seek to keep your business safe.

Demonstrate Commitment to the Environment

Older automatic fire protection systems tended to be focused on keeping fires under control, even if the materials used to control the fires posed a great risk to the environment. With new potassium-based systems, though, you can rest easy knowing that the environment is not at risk. Plus, since the materials used are safe for the environment, you can be confident that they’re safe for your employees, as well, which will help ensure they stay healthy if the system has to engage.