Hiring A Tennessee Social Security Attorney To File An Appeal


A Social Security attorney in Tennessee can fight for your right to Social Security disability benefits. These attorneys are familiar with eligibility requirements for these benefits and review claims that were initially denied. In most cases, adults who are seeking these benefits are turned down the first time unless they have heavily detailed medical records. For this reason, attorneys establish whether or not the denial was justified based on these eligibility requirements.

The Appeal Process

After you file a claim with the SSA and visit their doctors, a decision is made based on the evidence you present. If you are turned down for any reason, the SSA is required to send you a letter determining why you received a denial. You should take this letter and all other information received from this agency to your attorney immediately to submit an appeal.

During this appeal, you will attend a hearing in which you will share details of your disability with the judge. You are required to submit into record all documentation you possess that proves the validity of your disability. A judge will review these documents and establish whether you meet the guidelines for eligibility.

Local Attorney

Kenneth Miller & Associates, P.C. offers representation through the appeal process. Disabled individuals who were denied benefits have the immediate option to file an appeal and request a hearing in court. These attorneys understand the requirements for these hearings and will stand by your side throughout this process. To learn more about what Kenneth Miller & Associates, P.C. can do for you, contact them directly to schedule a consultation.


Your Social Security attorney in Tennessee can assist you in reviewing your disability claim. He or she will review the documentation that you submitted for your initial claim. If it is established that you require more documentation of your disability, your attorney will take steps to acquire this documentation for you. Typically, the SSA requires documents that prove the starting date in which your disability began and an analysis of why this condition will prevent you from working. To file an appeal for a disability claim, contact your preferred attorney today.