3 Easy Ways to Avoid Unnecessary AC Repair in Chicago

Air Conditioning

During the summer months in Chicago, your home’s air conditioning unit can take quite a beating. All too often, overuse and lackluster maintenance during the hot months can lead to breakdowns that require professional AC repair. While it’s inevitable you’ll eventually experience a problem or two with your AC unit, you can minimize the damage by using a few simple strategies. Here are three things you can do to avoid unnecessary AC Repair in Chicago.

Change Filters More Often

What’s the top cause of unnecessary AC problems? Any service technician will tell you that dirty, clogged filters are often to blame. To stop your air filters from causing a breakdown, make sure to change them frequently. Switch to a fresh filter every month or so during the summer to keep things running smoothly. If your filters seem to be getting dirty quicker than that, you can gently clean them in warm water or remove dust and debris with a vacuum attachment.

Get a Tune-Up

One of the simplest things you can do to keep your air conditioner running smoothly is invest in a tune-up at the beginning of the summer season. For the best results, don’t try to do this yourself. Hiring an experienced AC service tech like the ones at Deljo Heating and Cooling is inexpensive and convenient. This simple maintenance service can save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary AC repair in Chicago.

Check Your Outside Unit Frequently

In the summer, there are lots of things outside that can wreak havoc on your outdoor unit. Tall weeds, lawn debris and even children’s toys can all get caught inside your condenser, causing unit inefficiency or even a complete breakdown. Make sure that the landscaping around your outdoor unit is trimmed and well-maintained, and check the unit frequently to make sure nothing is stuck inside. Keeping your condenser shaded from the sun will also improve the efficiency of your air conditioner and help your system to last longer.

With a few preventative measures, you can avoid air conditioner break-downs during the warmer months. Get a seasonal tune-up from a trusted professional, change your filters frequently and take care of your outdoor unit to keep your AC running smoothly. Visit Deljo Heating & Cooling website for more information.