Why It’s Important for Restaurants to Get Grease Traps Cleaned

Water and Wastewater

When you are running your own restaurant, you have to take certain regulations in consideration. One of them is the requirement to install a grease trap in order to keep grease from getting into the public waste system. While grease seems harmless, it can actually damage sewer systems by clogging up the plumbing lines overtime. Here is why you might want to get in touch with Grease Trap Pumping Companies in Wharton.

Getting Fined Can Be Costly
For start-up restaurants, getting hit with a huge fine could be the end of the business. Unfortunately, a grease trap that does not drain the way it should could get you in trouble with the local government. While it may cost a bit of money to maintain it, keeping your grease trap clean is going to cost less than having to pay for any damages you may have inadvertently caused.

Too Much Grease Could Lead to Illness
Though a little grease never hurt anybody, too much of it can cause your customers or employees to get seriously ill. That is because grease can collect dust and bacteria, according to Care2. Plus, you might have a lawsuit on your hands in case somebody does get sick on your premises, so do not take that risk.

How Often to Clean Your Grease Trap
The recommended frequency is to clean your grease trap at least once every one to three months. This way, you can be sure to get rid of any grease build-up. However, you have to dispose of grease properly, or else you may cause more trouble instead of fixing problems.

Do not wait until it is too late to set things straight. Hire Grease Trap Pumping Companies in Wharton to take care of the issue now so that you can keep your restaurant running properly.