Options for Dentures in DC


When people opt to have teeth removed because they are in poor condition, they can choose from several types of dental prosthetics to replace them. If just one or two teeth have been removed, then they may want to get dental implants. However, if several teeth need to be removed, they can choose from bridges, partials, or an entire set of false teeth.

Denture Options

If several of your teeth need to be removed due to dental disease or because they’ve been broken, you can choose to replace them with dentures in DC. These dentures can take on the form of partials, which are inserts made to replace missing teeth. Sometimes the partial is made to allow them to fit between natural teeth, by placing connectors on either side of the partial to hook on the existing teeth. Other partials may need to go on either side of the mouth, with natural teeth between them for support.

Dentures can also consist of one upper or lower plate, or you may opt to have all of your remaining teeth pulled in order to get a full set of dentures made to replace them. Fortunately, most modern sets look like natural teeth and it can be hard to distinguish them as fake. However, they don’t quite act like natural teeth, so it can take some time to get used to wearing dentures.

Caring for Your Mouth

If you develop mouth sores from wearing dentures, this is a sign that they may be too snug or too big. If they are too big, you can get them lined so they fit your mouth better. However, if they are too snug, you may need to get a completely new set made. Your false teeth need to be comfortable so you can chew food and digest it properly. With a new set of teeth, you will also feel more confident about your appearance.