Why is Food Important for Education in Poverty-stricken India?

Charitable Trust

Being one of the third-world countries, India has been struggling against poverty for decades. The number of children living with hunger is soaring higher after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. In mid-April of this year, the number of death cases went beyond 200,000; the strict lockdown failed to break the chain but brought poverty to many families. While many people are extending support for children’s education, it is important to remember that food is the basic requirement for heath and when health is not good education cannot be carried out. Therefore, food for education in India is also immensely important.

COVID-19 Pandemic and poverty-stricken India

Economists have predicted that India’s poverty rate would further hike in the long run. Though children have fewer chances of getting affected by the COVID-19 virus, there are other ways through which it can affect the children. As several states imposed a lockdown to deal with the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs. Small and medium businesses were closed for a long time. Many factories were shut down and the labours do not have any source of income for months. Under such threatening conditions of the economy, poverty is bound to affect society. Many families including the children are spending days with an empty stomach. It is making the children weak and malnourished. The government has also realised the importance of food for education in India. That’s why many state governments and individually run organisations are working collaboratively to fight off this battle.

To decrease poverty, India needs relief from the pandemic. As the virus keeps spreading, the states are sometimes getting compelled to impose lockdowns. Therefore, spreading awareness on prevention, control measures, and vaccination is essential. Along with this, the charity trustees, non-profit organisations, and conscious individuals should work together to reach food for education in India. Health is wealth. Only a healthy generation can lead the country to progress in the coming days.