Dry Needling in Lafayette Is a Holistic Approach to Pain

Physical Therapy

You may have heard of dry needling and wonder what it entails. Have your friends discussed their dry needling experiences? Are you worried about trying something new?

Dry needling in Lafayette is growing increasingly popular. While the sound of the procedure sounds painful and intense, it is therapeutic. Dry needling causes minimal discomfort and provides long-lasting relief from symptoms due to neuromuscular pain.

Target the Trigger Points

Trained physical therapists may suggest that you try dry needling. While it sounds intimidating, it is only uncomfortable for a short time.

Physical therapists offering dry needling in Lafayette are certified. They use a thin monofilament needle to penetrate your skin. They specifically penetrate areas that are muscular trigger points. These trigger points manage your movement impairments and neuromusculoskeletal pain. Professionals such as those at Metropolitan Physical Therapy will walk you through the procedure so you know exactly what to expect.

Different Than Acupuncture

Dry needling in Lafayette is different from acupuncture. Dry needling has only grown in popularity over the past couple of decades while acupuncture has been used for hundreds and even thousands of years.

Dry needling focuses on your trigger points to help alleviate your pain. Some physical therapists will use an in and out technique with the needle to reduce pressure in tense muscles. On the other hand, acupuncture focuses on your energy or chi.

Dry needling and acupuncture are two very different treatment methods. However, they are both sought-after treatments. It is truly dependent on what approach you are looking for and your needs as a patient.