Why Hydraulic Cylinder Repair in St. Paul MN is Vital


The cylinders in hydraulic systems control the speed of the machinery and keeps oil from mixing with other fluids in the equipment. A crack, a loose connection or a compromised seal will cause extensive damage to the entire system. This will result in reduced productivity and expenses higher than the costs of Hydraulic Cylinder Repair St. Paul MN.

Inspections and Maintenance

A system that is inspected regularly and maintained well means repairs will be minor in scope, inexpense and take less time to fix. Both pumps and cylinders are inspected to keep the hydraulics operating efficiently and safely. It is smarter to maintain expensive equipment than having to spend money on a premature replacement. Seek out companies that can assist with maintenance.


Proper training is another way to increase productivity, reduce injuries and avoid long periods of down time. It is also required for compliance with regulations imposed by the occupational safety and health administration (OSHA). Thorough initial training, along with annual sessions as refresher classes, will lower injuries in the workplace.

Training will also lower costs for liability insurance because risks are drastically reduced. A program specific to hydraulic systems can be completed in a training facility or directly on-site to save businesses time and money. Travel time, possible need for accommodations, and time away from operating systems are virtually nonexistent with on-site training.

The Right Company

Selecting the right company to handle all needs of hydraulic machinery makes compliance and safety simple. Sales, selection assistance, maintenance, inspections, and Hydraulic Cylinder Repair St. Paul MN result in a smooth operating system. While some companies specialize in sales and repairs or inspections, maintenance, and training there are a few, such as Sharrow Lifting Products, that are one-stop shops for needs.

In addition to hydraulics, the company also offers customized training, repairs and inspections for cranes and hoist equipment. Sling and rigging equipment are other areas of expertise. Business owners will want to go to visit us website to explore sales, services, and training departments for details on what is offered. It can be difficult to juggle work assignments, regulations, safety, and compliance all alone, so let professionals help to ease that burden.