Why every single property must have fire alarms fitted

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Unfortunately fires can break out under a number of circumstances and endanger the safety and structural integrity of a building and its inhabitants. It undoubtedly pays off to have fire alarms in London due to the many safety functions they can offer, as you can protect yourself whilst inside the building and also the building itself if it is likely to be left vacant overnight. When a fire breaks out it often begins with only a minor outbreak, making it difficult for people to be able to spot it in the early stages. On top of this, a fire can quite easily break out in another room in the building and you may not ever even notice it until it is too late. Fire alarms can provide you with an excellent early warning system that can quickly alert you to the presence of smoke or fire within your building – this early warning can be absolutely crucial to help save lives as well as allow you to contact the emergency services and minimize the damage caused by the fire. Without having a fire alarm on your property you may never know of the presence of a fire until it is too late, or a fire can go unnoticed at your property overnight when it is vacant. Continue reading below to learn more about why it is vital that you have a fire alarm fitted to your property.

Alert the emergency services swiftly

The response time of the emergency services is a fundamental factor in determining how much damage your building suffers from and whether it will still remain in a suitable condition with only minor renovations needed. Fire alarms in London can instantly alert the emergency services to the presence of a dangerous situation and allow them to tackle it before the damage gets out of hand.

It is the law for many properties

If your property is going to be filled with members of the public, such as retail and entertainment buildings, then you are required by law to have fire alarms fitted. A failure to do so can lead you and your business to suffer from heavy punishments, and the wellbeing of visitors and customers is not protected.

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