Maintaining Your Boiler In Westchester County


Before winter hits, it’s a good idea to check your Boiler in Westchester County to make sure that it’s working properly. If it’s not, you’ll still have time to call a repairman before it gets too cold outside. Regular maintenance is also important so that your boiler will work efficiently for many years. Below you’ll find some common questions and tips about boiler maintenance.

Q.) What should I do to get my boiler prepared for winter use?

A.) As you run your boiler for the first time of the season, look for steam or water leakage, which signals a leak or crack in your boiler. As the boiler runs, take note of the pressure gauge. Your boiler manual will list the correct pressure for your specific model. If you notice any leaks, or if the reading on your pressure gauge is off, call a certified technician.

Q.) How do I best maintain my boiler for years of efficient use?

A.) Regularly inspect the valves and fittings on your boiler in Westchester County and replace those that are worn, corroded or missing. Ensure that the vent and exhaust system is free of debris and that the boiler has sufficient ventilation. Perform a test on the safety valves and inspect the exhaust system to verify that they’re working properly. Run a test to analyze the water and treat if necessary, to reduce corrosion buildup.

Q.) What can I do to simplify the regular maintenance on my boiler?

A.) To perform your maintenance tasks quickly and easily, keep the area around your boiler free of clutter and have sufficient lighting around the unit. Make sure that you have plenty of work space and a clear path to carry tools or equipment to and from your boiler. Have a diagram of the pipes and flow system handy for immediate reference if needed. Keep a detailed maintenance log book so you’ll have a record of all maintenance and repairs.

When you call Cassidy Plumbing in Westchester County for any boiler issues, a professional plumber will expertly diagnose and repair your boiler so that it runs efficiently in the winter months. In addition to regular maintenance, your boiler should be inspected once a year by a professional technician.