Why DC Motors are Demand ?

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DC motors have been the mainstay for many electronic shops and appliances even as AC motors have their place in industries. That’s because the nature of electric DC motors enables it to win over certain qualities that make it a preferred motor design ideal in many unique situations. They are desired for their reliability, low maintenance, less noise, speed control and low cost.

In general, a DC motor has a higher starting torque, enabling motors to start off fresh at a strong rate. That enables these motors to drive heavy loads from a cold start. That’s why these motors are often used for trains and cranes.

The motor’s wide range of speed control makes it adaptable so that they are favored as motors for rolling mills and paper mills.

These motors are also easier to control at a faster rate with the capacity for immediate starts, stops and reverses.

This type of motor has a simpler circuitry design, able to run on different types of power sources. Its adaptability makes this motor operate with minimal rectification if at all.

Because of its adaptability in speed and variability of use, this motor is often more popular compared to any other type of motor. It works well at lower speed and high-speed control.

It’s no wonder that its simplicity also makes this motor cheaper in cost with lower power demand.

More of these motors are used in 12 and 24-volt varieties for applications in solar, marine and portable equipment mounted on trucks.

There’s a practical role for a DC motor in many industries.