Why Buy a Compact Tractor?


Do you have a lot of outdoor work to do on your property? Perhaps you do not really need a full-size tractor. You might consider buying a lawn tractor so you can mow and haul things. However, you may be better off checking out Massey Ferguson compact tractors for sale in Arkansas. Here are some good reasons why.

What Are Compact Tractors?

Also known as small agricultural tractors, compact models have many of the features you get with a full-size tractor. For example, you get a PTO with a three-point hitch. They can do a lot of work which lawn tractors just cannot perform.


When you shop Massey Ferguson compact tractors for sale in Arkansas, you can find a lot of valuable options. For example, you may wish to use a high-loader and have your tractor perform mowing duties. With your small agricultural tractor, you can use a brush cutting attachment and clear a lot of land too.


Dealers carrying Massey Ferguson compact tractors for sale in Arkansas offer a wide range of attachments. You can buy a cab attachment, so you do not have to be exposed to the elements. This is an important feature if you plan to use a blade and clear snow in winter. You may also buy a snow blower attachment.

Are you working the land? You may want to check out disc harrow attachments. You may also want a blade or grading scraper. For those who are in need of excavation equipment, consider a backhoe attachment.


Cost is an important reason to consider buying a compact tractor. You can buy a smaller tractor for less than half the cost of a full-size, high-quality tractor. Smaller tractors are more fuel efficient, and over time, this can save a lot on operating costs.