Making Sense of Using Videos to Market Things on Social Media Platforms

Video marketing

Digital marketing surpassed traditional forms of advertising roughly a decade ago, if not a little longer. One of digital marketing’s subfields, that of social media video marketing, has outpaced its counterparts, resulting in the field currently standing out as one of the most popular subsets of the greater collection of digital marketing. These three tips will help you master your video marketing efforts on social media. Try them out!

Even the Smallest Details About Videos Matter

of one recent study’s respondents reported that the importance of video marketing is rising. As such, taking advantage of one common mistake, for example, that advertisers make in sharing videos on social media is copying and pasting a YouTube video link to their Facebook pages. What should actually be taking place is the native uploading of that video to their social media page, as it’s been shown to be nearly a dozen times more effective.

Start Shortening the Videos You Share on Facebook

Thanks to social media, people’s attention spans have been cut short due to very short-form content being the most popular length of content on all major networks’ platforms. You should conform to this trend by cutting down the running time of the social media video marketing content you share. This will prevent people from getting bored and clicking off of videos before they’re done playing. Keep your content short and to the point as much as possible.

Try Out Live Video Marketing for a Change

Social media platforms largely allow their users to stream live video with their followers. Try going live on the social media platforms that your business is active on to boost your video marketing success on social media sites.

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